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Welcome to Princeton, Class of 2021! My name is Felix and I’m a rising senior who can help with tech-related questions and issues. In this post, I will present resources that should be the first place you turn to when you need help with any tech-related issues. Except for some hardware support, all services are free to students, so make sure you take advantage of them to enhance your technology experience at Princeton. Please keep them in mind on your move-in day!


I work for Princeton’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) as a Student Technology Consultant (STC). Each residential college has a team of STCs living in the dorms available to assist with technology questions or issues. You can find how to contact us here. We’re students just like you and can assist you during the evenings or over the weekend when the Solutions Center is closed. Best of all, we can meet you in-person at the most convenient location for you, such as in your own dorm room or in Residential College common spaces.

During move-in and orientation, we will have STCs staffing tables near the dining hall of each residential college. Bring your devices for Wi-Fi registration, Duo two-factor authentication setup and new computer setup. We’re experienced and happy to make your technology transition as smooth as possible.

Additionally, the OIT Help Desk provides 24-7 phone support for a wide variety of technology and network issues. Call the Help Desk at 609) 258-HELP or go to the OIT website and click the link for “Live Chat Online” on the right-hand side of the page for immediate assistance, any time of day or night.

Also, the OIT Solutions Center in Frist Campus Center room 112 provides in-person support Monday-Friday from 9:00am - 6:30pm, with the last check-in at 5:00pm. The technicians in the Solutions Center can help with any type of issues and are your go-to for hardware support. If you’re going to the Solutions Center with any issue, make sure to carry your charger and have at least an hour to spend while a technician assists you.


Students are encouraged to connect to the Internet using our eduroam network, which you can log into using your full Princeton email address (include the and Princeton password. If you encounter any issues, look for the STC tables in your residential college during move-in and orientation week; they will be able to troubleshoot and find a solution.

Regardless of whether you connect your own devices or use the assistance of STCs, you must adhere to Princeton’s technology policy, which you can read here.


Beginning May 8th, undergrads will be required to use Duo two-factor authentication to access Blackboard. To enable Duo and/or add devices, please follow this link, and more information about Duo can be found here.


Printing at Princeton is free for all students, so there is no need to bring a personal printer. Each student has a quota of 2,100 black and white pages and 200 color pages. Black and white printers are found in all residential colleges and libraries, and color printers are in Frist (3rd floor), Lewis Library (1st floor), Firestone Library (C Floor) and Marquand Library (McCormick Hall).


All students are eligible for a variety of licensed software to support their academic pursuits. A list of available software (including freeware) can be found here. You’ll be happy to know that all Princeton students get free Microsoft 365. To download, follow this link and log in with your full Princeton email address (include the and Princeton password. Click the install button and Microsoft Office 365 will automatically start downloading. Follow the prompted instructions to complete setup.


One final suggestion: backup your data! Whether you use Google Drive (free 10TB for Princeton students), other cloud storage, or an external hard drive, you will thank yourself if you backup your most important files. No one wants to lose a paper or problem set that they’ve spend hours on because their computer fails, so keep an extra copy of your work in safe place.

Technology at Princeton might seem confusing, but there are many resources available to make it easier for you. Please stop by the STC tables in the Residential Colleges during move-in and orientation week to register devices for Wi-Fi and get help with any other technology questions. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

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