Student Employment at Princeton

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Hello and welcome to the Class of 2024!

How do I get a job?

You can apply for jobs via our website. Note that most hiring for the fall term does not begin until late August.

Do I have to be on financial aid to get a job?

Nope! Non-aid students are welcome to work on campus!

How much will I be paid?

Wages range from $11/hour up to $14.80/hour.

If I get a job, how will I be paid?

Student workers are paid every two weeks. I encourage you to sign up for Direct Deposit via TigerHub.

Do I have to work?

No, you are not required to work. We expect financial aid students to work about 9 hours a week to help earn spending money, but we do not require it. 

Is there paperwork I have to complete prior to working on campus?

Of course! There are two main items to complete:

  1. A W-4 form.Complete this online via TigerHub
  2. An I-9 form.You’ll need to submit this form to our office along with supporting documentation.We’ll email you detailed I-9 instructions later this summer.

Can international students work on campus?

In most cases, yes! International students need to complete some additional paperwork before beginning work. We’ll be in touch with additional details.

What is Federal Work Study (FWS)?

Federal Work-Study is a form of federal aid which pays student wages. 

Roughly 20% of aid students qualify for FWS; your financial aid award will indicate if you qualify.

Please feel free to contact our office at 609-258-3334 or via email at


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