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Even before Move-In Day, you will have someone in particular who is ready and excited to help you transition into life at Princeton: your residential college advisor, or RCA. You’ll first hear from your RCA over the summer, after you’re assigned to your residential college, which will be your first home at Princeton. They’ll introduce themselves and ask a little bit about you (favorite snacks, hobbies, interests, any questions or concerns you might have). A few weeks later, they’ll be one of the first faces to welcome you to campus and these next exciting four years!

Once on campus, you’ll meet with your RCA and the other students in your advisee group (or ‘zee group for short) to get to know each other! Right from the get go, you’ll know a bunch of people to grab meals and attend events with. You’ll also attend orientation activities together. All the while, your RCA will be there to help you navigate campus, set community standards, and connect you to any and all resources you may be interested in. You can always go to them for help, whether you need someone to talk to or directions to the laundry room!

Beyond the first few weeks of your first semester, your RCA will be there for you whenever you need them. We live down the hall and are only ever a knock on the door, text or call away! You’ll have the chance to meet one-on-one with them, and can ask them for advice on which classes to take, how to get involved on campus, or anything else that’s on your mind. You can also start looking forward to the study breaks they host each week, usually with yummy food!

Looking forward to seeing you around campus soon!




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Kaitlin Demarest '18
Butler College RCA

Hey, 2021! My name is Kaitlin, and I’m a junior in the molecular biology department from southern New Jersey. Outside of serving as a residential college adviser in Butler, I’m part of a global health organization, the Princeton Armenian Society, and Princeton Faith and Action. I also give tours with Orange Key and perform with the Princeton Triangle Club! I’m looking forward to seeing you around campus soon! Get ready for these next four incredible years!

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