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Welcome to Princeton — your gateway to the world!

We are looking forward to your arrival on campus, but don’t get too comfortable! There are so many international opportunities awaiting you. Our hope is that at least once during your Princeton experience you will pack your bags, leave the country, and explore the world beyond the FitzRandolph Gate.

Here are five great reasons to go abroad during your time at Princeton:

1. Cross-cultural understanding. By living abroad you will not only discover insights into other cultures, but also learn to reflect on how your own culture has shaped your personal understanding of the world. Your first step to cross-cultural understanding could be the Bridge Year Program, which enables newly admitted students to live with host families and become part of the local community through service assignments.

Once on campus, explore options to enhance your on-campus studies while integrating into another culture. You’ll be learning inside and outside the classroom when you spend a semester or a year abroad through the Study Abroad Program. .

2. Prepare for the global workforce. Studying or completing an internship abroad will give you an advantage with prospective employers. You may also develop professional relationships that continue long after your internship or study abroad experience is over. The International Internship Program places students in approximately 50 countries around the world for at least eight weeks in a variety of interest areas. 

3. Make an impact.  Many international programs are connected to public service. In addition to the Bridge Year Program, check out some of the options through the International Internship Program, international service trips through the Pace Center for Civic Engagement, the Princeton Environmental Institute, and the Princeton chapter of Engineers Without Borders.

4. Learn a new language. The best way to become fluent in a foreign language is to go to a country where the language is spoken. There are many Princeton intensive summer language programs as well as summer language options offered by other institutions. Students who use their language skills during a semester or year abroad report very satisfying results.

5. Take advantage of special academic opportunities: If you have an interest in a particular academic subject, attending a program or university abroad can provide you with some additional resources—courses not offered at Princeton, unique research materials, and contact with foreign scholars and researchers. PIIRS Global Seminars offer undergraduates new opportunities to explore the international dimensions of their academic interests, build skills, and become global citizens. You can learn about fellowships that offer an array of academic options both while you are an undergraduate and afterward through Fellowship Advising.

The Office of International Programs is ready to help you with your planning. Be sure to read our weekly e-mail newsletter and check our calendar for the latest updates. Join the many students before you who have remarked that going abroad was the best decision that they made after deciding to come to Princeton!


Learning through the camera lens: International Eye photo contest captures student perspectives abroad from Princeton University on Vimeo.


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