LGBTQIA Life at Princeton

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LGBTQIA life at Princeton consists of many formal and informal communities, ranging from the LGBT Center and LGBT Center affiliated groups to friend groups. In general, the atmosphere on campus is very accepting of LGBTQIA students; the LGBT Center does fantastic work in supporting LGBTQIA students, particularly students of color, trans students, and low income and first-generation college students, through event programming and social groups. Affiliated with the LGBT Center, groups such as Queering the Color Line, Pride Alliance, Q’nnections, and Beyond the Binary offer great opportunities such as racial identity affinity spaces, general social events, mentorship networks among undergrads, graduate students, and faculty, and more. LGBTQIA activism is alive and well on campus–this past year, the activist work of several students led to concrete changes at the University, including coverage for more trans-inclusive healthcare services on the Student Health Plan (SHP) and gender inclusive housing reform, which greatly expanded the number of gender-neutral housing options on campus. Similarly, the Northeast Queer and Trans People of Color Conference was hosted by several students at Princeton this past April. Over 200 people were in attendance, and numerous workshops and facilitated dialogues offered spaces for queer and trans people of color to come together for a weekend to share knowledge, stories, and community. Although progress continues to be made at Princeton to make space and support for LGBTQIA students, there is still more to be done to ensure that Princeton will continue to be a home for LGBTQIA students in the future. 

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Nicolas Freeman'18

Nicolas Freeman ‘18 is a junior majoring in Molecular Biology at Princeton University. They are performing thesis research under Professor Carlos Brody at Princeton Neuroscience Institute, focusing specifically on the hippocampus. On campus, they are an intern at the LGBT Center, as well as president of the Student Health Advisory Board. 

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