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Fields Center

The Carl A. Fields Center for Equality and Cultural Understanding offers a variety of cultural programs that are focused on the interconnectedness of social, political and cultural issues within diverse communities. These programs uniquely integrate the theoretical and experiential aspects of cultural understanding and allow participants to develop specific cultural competencies. Cultural programs range from monthly events and speakers to special celebrations and artistic endeavors.

What we do at the Fields Center:

Heritage Month Events

The Fields Center advises and oversees the development of nationally recognized heritage month programs that celebrate the rich cultural, social and political contributions of diverse groups in our society. All Princeton community members are encouraged to get involved with the planning, implementation and attendance of these events as they are inclusive and provide opportunities to learn while community building.

Latinx Heritage Month (LHM)
Latinx Heritage Month (LHM) strives to increase awareness about Latino and Latin American histories, identities, cultures, accomplishments and contemporary issues. Events are open to all.

Native American Heritage Month (NHM)
Native American Heritage Month, or as it is commonly referred to, American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month, celebrates the rich and diverse cultures, traditions, and histories and to acknowledge the important contributions of Native people.

Black Heritage Month (BHM)
Held on campus each February, Black Heritage Month (BHM) celebrates the rich cultural, historical and political contributions of the African diaspora.

Asian Pacific American Awareness Month (APAAM)
During the month of April, the Asian Pacific American Awareness Month (APAAM) is an annual celebration focused on promoting awareness of APAA culture and history among members of the campus community.

Ways to get involved at the Fields Center:


The mission of the Princeton University Mentoring Program (PUMP) is to enrich and support the lives of diverse students at Princeton through various leadership, mentoring and group activities. PUMP offers a unique program of mentorship in which the mentees can comfortably learn from students who have had similar first-hand experiences while transitioning into Princeton. PUMP provides a perspective from a student with the same prospective interests, catering the guidance experience more towards the individual mentee. It’s a safe space for mentees to raise any concerns or just have a friend to talk to!

PUMP matches mentees with mentors who share similar interests to provide a network that will introduce the various academic and social resources on campus. The range of events that we support varies widely, from academic/career guidance initiatives to social/bonding mixers. In the beginning of the year, PUMP kicks off with a mixer event to help mentees get acquainted with all the mentors before creating one-on-one pairings.

How to get involved? Look for our table during the Activities Fair to sign up to become a mentee and join our mailing list. For more information check out our Facebook page!

Carl Fields Fellows

Carl Fields Center Fellows are the face of the Fields Center who are Diversity Peer Educators. The Carl Fields Center Fellows work ranges from engaging with their peers in diversity and social justice discussions, to planning events and programs, and facilitating trainings and workshops.

Carl Fields Center Fellows are diverse student leaders who contribute to the mission, vision and four pillars of the Carl Fields Center for Equality and Cultural Understanding. Fellows have the opportunity to develop leadership skills, become engaged in social justice issues and also contribute to the rich diversity and community on campus.

Commencement Events

The Fields Center works in conjunction with a range of student organizations, alumni affinity groups and administrative units on campus to organize multicultural graduation ceremonies that celebrate the accomplishments of students who have engaged in many areas of diversity at Princeton University. These ceremonies include both graduate and undergraduate students and augment the broader Commencement events planned by the University.

Latinx Graduation
The Latinx Graduation was first initiated by students, more than 20 years ago, who desired the opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments and recognize the important role that Latinx students have played in shaping the landscape of Princeton. The program provides an intimate setting for family, friends, alumni, faculty, staff and students to recognize the accomplishments of the graduates while embracing their new important roles as Princeton alumni.

Pan-African Graduation
The Pan-African Graduation, inaugurated in 2005, is a ceremony that serves as an intimate gathering for family, friends and members of the African diaspora to celebrate the culture and accomplishments of the graduating class. Generally, the event is followed by dinner and live entertainment at the Fields Center.

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Tennille Haynes oversees all programmatic, budgetary and physical space aspects of the Carl A. Fields Center. She collaborates with student organizations on programs and activities, provides advice and mentoring for individual students, and consults and collaborates with others in the University community; to enhance the climate for students of color.

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