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At Princeton, I have been presented with an abundance of opportunities and experiences. Amidst the hubbub of life here, there’s been times when I’ve found myself wondering where each of my decisions is leading me: It’s my first year at college - should my classes relate to a specific profession? What if I have no clue what my future career will look like? Should I consider applying for a summer internship?

It is tempting to sweep away all these questions as classes and activities begin, especially since it might not be clear where answers can be found. Initially, I had the idea that personal reflection and conversations with friends and family would provide the direction I was looking for. What I’ve come to realize is that my reflective process can be supplemented and turned into action by reaching out. Here at Princeton, we have access to focused and individualized guidance in the form of Career Services.

I’m one of a group of Peer Career Advisers; we are student representatives who are ready to listen to any questions you may have, whether it’s about resumes, the internship/job search and anything vaguely career-related. We are happy to share with you our own experiences (real talk!), guide you to useful resources, and tell you about the events and programs Career Services offers.

To kick off, here are few ways Career Services can help you from your very first days on campus:

  • Academics-to-career connection: There’s definitely going to come a moment when you realize you don’t know what jobs exist in areas that interest you, or you do a total 180 from what you thought you loved. Don’t worry; Career Services advisers are here to help you work through it.
  • Career and Life Vision workshop: If your experience is like mine, this workshop is life-changing and will help you figure out how you can design your time at Princeton, take advantage of great opportunities and explore your potential career interests.
  • Princeternships: Another way Career Services sets students up to land the perfect job is by giving them test runs! Princeternships are one-day site visits and/or three-day externships where students are matched up with alumni based on their interests in order to learn more about what a particular job is really like.
  • Meeting alumni: Princeton alumni can be incredibly generous in helping students with career exploration. Career Services can help you find alumni and teach you how best to contact them for conversations and informational interviews.
  • Meetups: Meetups give you a chance to–you guessed it–meet with employers and alumni and learn about different companies.

Princeton’s Career Services is available to you anytime during your Princeton career to help you build and accomplish your vision. The Peer Career Advisers are looking forward to getting to know you at our dinner event for new students next fall, and encourage you to pay a visit to the office above the U-Store and discover Careers Services firsthand!


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