STEM Placement Testing Details

Please refer to the AP table for additional information about advanced placement and advanced standing



Exam link:

Exam dates: June 15 – July 31 

Exam length: untimed

Who should take the Computer Science Placement Test?

Students with exceptional preparation in Computer Science and who wish to place out of COS 126 and begin their studies in COS 217 or 226. Note that this placement does not in itself satisfy the BSE computing requirement, which must be fulfilled by one of these three courses.

PHYSICS REQUIREMENT FULFILLMENT TESTS (for fulfilling PHY103-104 or PHY101-102) and PHYSICS PLACEMENT TEST (for placement into PHY207)

Exam link:

Exam date: August 1 (12am ET - 11:59pm ET). Please make sure to start the test with enough time to complete the test before the testing window concludes.

Exam length: Each exam is 90 minutes

Who should take the Physics Tests?

Students who seek to demonstrate prior physics competency and

have exceptional preparation in college-level physics and wish to be considered for enrollment in Physics 207 


wish satisfy the BSE general physics requirement (Physics 103-104)


wish to satisfy the pre-med physics pre-requisites (PHY101-102)

Note that there are three physics placement tests offered (1) PHY 101-102; (2) PHY 103-104; (3) Advanced Mechanics (for consideration for enrollment into PHY207). You should plan to take ONE of these exams.


Exam link:

Exam date: August 9 (12am ET - 11:59pm ET). Please start the exam at least two hours before the testing window concludes.

Exam length: 2 hours

Who should take the Chemistry Placement Test?

Students who seek to demonstrate prior chemistry competency 


wish to place into Chemistry 215 or 301


wish to satisfy the BSE general chemistry requirement (Chemistry 201 or 207) and didn't score 5 on the chemistry AP (or equivalent)


wish to partially satisfy premed prerequisites

Additional Information about the Chemistry Placement Test: Students with an AP 5 (or equivalent) may submit their score to Princeton for automatic fulfillment of CHM 201/207 (one semester of general chemistry, which satisfies the BSE general chemistry requirement and partially satisfies the premed general chemistry requirement). See AP table for details. Students with an AP 5 (or equivalent) do not need to take the CHM placement test unless they are interested in placement into organic chemistry (CHM 301), thereby fulfilling the general chemistry sequence (CHM201/207 + 202).