Ask a Dean

May 1, 2023

The Ask a Dean form is for members of the Class of 2027 only. Logging in with a Princeton netID is required.

We invite members of the Class of 2027 who have questions or concerns about Princeton academics or campus life that are not answered by the materials on this website to contact us. A dean, assistant dean for studies, or assistant dean for student life will be available throughout the summer to respond, usually within 24 hours during regular business hours (9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday). Log in to access a form that can send a direct email message to the administrator currently on call. This correspondence will not appear publicly on the Your Path to Princeton website, but if your question is deemed particularly relevant to your classmates, the content of the exchange may be edited and placed into the appropriate Frequently Asked Questions section; if this happens, neither your name nor any identifying details will be used.

Note: Only logged-in students are able to access the Ask a Dean form. Parents should refer to the Families page for resources and answers to many common questions.