Key Contacts

If you have questions that are not addressed adequately on this site, please use the handy list of telephone numbers below. For questions regarding specific forms in the online matriculation site, please contact the office listed on the form. The Princeton area code is (609). If you have a question about this website, email:

Campus Offices

A.B. candidates
Advanced placement/Advanced standing
Athletics: NCAA eligibility
B.S.E. candidates
Community Action
Davis International Center
Dean of the College
Dean of Undergraduate Students
Disability Services
Financial Aid
Orientation program
Outdoor Action
Public Safety (emergency)
Public Safety (non-emergency)
Religious Life
Small-group Experience
Student Accounts (billing)
Transportation and Parking Services
University Health Services
University telephone operator
Writing Program

Residential College Offices

Butler College
Forbes College
Mathey College
New College West
Rockefeller College
Whitman College
Yeh College