Use the following links to enroll in the online language placement tests, which open June 15 at 8am ET and close July 30 at 2pm.

Students with valid netIDs can access the online placement tests following the instructions below:

  1. From the list of Language Placement Test Self-Enrollment Links above, click on the link to self-enroll into the Language Placement Test course site of your choosing in Canvas.
    (Note: You may be prompted to log in to Canvas. If so, click the Princeton netID, button and enter your credentials in the space provided.)
  2. When the Canvas site loads, click the Enroll in Course button.
  3. At that point, you’ll be added to the course roster. You are not required to take the test immediately; you can return to the test site at any time during the testing period by following the link that will appear in your Canvas dashboard. (Allow enough time to complete the test by the deadline.)

If the course site is available, you will be given the choice to visit the Language Placement Test site or return to your Canvas Dashboard. If you do not access the Placement Test site immediately, you can always access it from your Canvas Dashboard.

If the course site is not available, you will receive an email from Canvas once the site is made available.


Details about the language requirement and who should take language placement tests are available here.