Achieve, Serve, Lead: The Princeton Athletics Experience

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Being a member of the Princeton Athletics community has influenced the entirety of my Princeton experience in an extremely positive manner. As a member of the varsity softball team, I have had the opportunity to compete at the highest level while pursuing a world-class education. This combination allows student-athletes to balance athletic passions with academic goals while developing as leaders in the community.

Princeton’s 37 varsity teams operate under the motto “Achieve, Serve, Lead.” These three pillars are central to life as a Princeton student-athlete. Princeton Athletics has an incredible tradition of excellence and success. Since 1956, Princeton has won 452 Ivy League Championships, far more than any other Ivy League institution. At a broader level, Princeton has won 203 national championships while Princeton student-athletes have made 157 Olympic appearances. Most recently, Ashleigh Johnson ’17 returned to campus after leading the US Women’s Water Polo team to gold in the 2016 Rio Olympics. Serving the community is another factor that makes the Princeton Athletics experience both unique and rewarding. The Student-Athlete Service Council (SASC) and the Princeton Varsity Club (PVC) offer countless service opportunities throughout the academic year. From visiting local elementary schools and reading with children, to facilitating a clinic for National Girls and Women in Sports Day, these service opportunities enhance personal growth and promote a sense of community. Princeton Athletics promotes leadership by fostering a diverse and inclusive environment in which all are welcome. This spring, the “All Stripes One Streak” initiative was launched to promote awareness of Princeton Athletics’ core principles of diversity and inclusion. The Princeton athletic community provides a platform to achieve academic, athletic, and leadership goals in a compassionate and supportive environment.

Beyond varsity competition, Princeton has a wide variety of additional athletic opportunities to offer. Club sports, intramural sports, and group fitness activities at Dillon Gym are all popular options on campus. Campus Recreation offers 38 sport clubs that compete with throughout the Northeast and at the national level with club teams from different universities. Princeton club sports promote competition with an emphasis on skill development and student leadership. Campus Recreation also offers four six-week intramural seasons in sports ranging from volleyball to inner tube water polo. Intramural sports allow students to enjoy competition with peers without requiring a large time commitment. Additionally, recreational facilities such as Dillon Gym and Stephens Fitness Center provide access to a pool, a cardio center, squash courts, and an indoor track. For those interested in a group dynamic, instructional classes in yoga, spin, BodyPump, and Zumba are also available through Campus Recreation.

Whether you compete on a varsity team, participate in group fitness classes, or anything in between, Princeton Athletics and Campus Recreation have something to offer for everyone. Princeton provides an unmatched setting for the combination of academics and athletics that is truly unique. There are so many opportunities waiting for you here at Princeton, and we are thrilled to welcome you to the Princeton community. Welcome to the Tiger family, Class of 2021!

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