First-year students are invited to join in the intellectual adventure of the Humanities Sequence, HUM 216-219, an intensive, yearlong exploration of the landmark achievements of the Western intellectual tradition. With a team of faculty drawn from across the humanities and social sciences, students in the course examine pivotal texts, events, and artifacts of European civilization from antiquity to the present day. Our themes are the great ones, ethics, politics, beauty, truth, and—in a year when Princeton will make a formal reckoning with its historical debts to slavery—legacies of bondage and freedom. This double course fulfills four distribution requirements (two in literature and the arts; one in historical analysis; one in epistemology and cognition). Every year we enroll a diverse cohort of exceptional first-year students from around the United States and the world, students who will go on to major in a wide variety of subjects, across not only the humanities but the social sciences, sciences, and engineering. The books we read are books to think with all your life. For more information on reserving a seat, please visit our website: If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the coordinator, Professor Jeff Dolven, (, or Dr. Kathy Crown at the Council of the Humanities (