Who will help me choose classes and make academic decisions?

As you enter Princeton your new home will be your residential college: a place to eat, study, and relax and a place to get academic guidance and support. During your first and sophomore years, your advising community will include your Dean, Director of Studies, Faculty Adviser, peer academic advisers (PAAs), residential college advisers (RCAs), and resident graduate students (RGSs)–all of whom are affiliated with the residential college. 

Before you arrive at Princeton, your Director of Studies or the School of Engineering Dean will assign you to a Faculty Adviser, a faculty member who will help you navigate your academic choices during your first year, and will help you become more comfortable interacting with faculty members throughout your undergraduate career. Faculty Advisers come from a broad range of departments, are distributed among the residential colleges and then matched, as much as possible, with first-year students whose interests appear to be in the same general area. Faculty Advisers are good generalists who have a feel for balancing workloads, exploring new areas, and fulfilling requirements. They may also help you begin to explore your fields of interests, though as you develop your network in the Princeton community, you will also get advice and perspectives from departmental representatives, your Director of Studies, peer academic advisers, SIFP (for FLi students), and others in your community.

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