What important deadlines do I need to remember?

It seems that there is always a deadline for something at Princeton! Once you arrive at Princeton, your instructors will set deadlines for the submission of work during the semester, which you should take very seriously. If you are ill, or have another compelling reason to request extra time to complete an assignment, speak with your instructor before the deadline. If you need help, see your residential college dean or director of studies. Over the course of the semester, the University also sets some important deadlines. Among them are the deadlines for selecting the pass/D/fail option and the deadline for dropping courses, both of which are the end of the ninth week of classes; and the deadline for the submission of papers and written work other than take-home exams (called “Dean's Date”), which is the last day of reading period. These are very firm deadlines!

The current and upcoming academic calendars can be found on the website of the Office of the Registrar.