Letter from Dean Dolan to the Class of 2021

Dear Member of the Class of 2021,

On behalf of the Office of the Dean of the College, I write to welcome you to Princeton! We’re delighted that you’ll be joining us in the fall.

You are now beginning your studies at a university committed to undergraduate education, where you’ll work closely with distinguished, renowned faculty who care deeply about teaching and learning. You’ll work with other students committed to a wide range of research and exploration, students who play instruments and sports, who write novels and algorithms, who work at lab benches and in archives. Princeton provides many extraordinary opportunities; we hope you’ll take advantage of the rich resources we make available to all of our students.

Princeton is a small, close-knit residential institution, which provides the possibility to forge close and lasting personal relationships. Later this summer, you will receive your residential college assignment and will be introduced to the students, staff, and faculty who will become your Princeton community.

We work hard to foster an atmosphere in which students, faculty, and staff can come to know one another well, and we invite students to take initiative in forming connections and seeking out pursuits they find exciting. Information is readily available about courses, research materials in the library, music and theatre opportunities, and participation in sports, civic engagement, or religious activities. We encourage you to explore the campus on your own to discover what will most interest you.

Many people at Princeton are ready to help; please don’t hesitate to ask questions or articulate your concerns. We’re always eager to hear from you. 

I urge you to complete the required online matriculation process as soon as possible; it can be accessed through Your Path to Princeton (http://path.princeton.edu). Most of these forms are due during the month of June. The password-protected parts of this site, which allow you to send us important information, will be accessible to you only after you log in with your official Princeton netID. This ID will be sent to your personal email address in the next week.

Be sure to check your Princeton email account regularly; the University will use it to communicate with you over the summer.

I often boast that Princeton is intellectually stimulating and challenging, but at the same time, a deeply rewarding, humane community. Our students remain closely associated with our campus throughout their lives.

I personally look forward to welcoming you as you arrive and to continuing to know you as you craft your career at Princeton and beyond.

With my best wishes,

Jill Dolan

Dean of the College