Can I switch between A.B. candidacy and B.S.E. candidacy (or vice versa)?

Every year some students enter Princeton as candidates for the A.B. degree but decide that they are really interested in engineering. Permission is granted for such changes on a case-by-case basis. Students who wish to change from A.B. to B.S.E. must plan their academic programs carefully, for there are basic requirements for the B.S.E. degree that must be met prior to the sophomore year, especially in physics and math. Similarly, some students who enter as candidates for the B.S.E. degree decide that they prefer to study in the A.B. program instead. Again, changes are possible. A major consideration in changing from B.S.E. to A.B. candidacy is the A.B. language requirement. A student who wishes to change degree candidacy should consult first with the associate dean for undergraduate affairs in the School of Engineering and Applied Science (258-4554, Room C-209), and then with their residential college dean or director of studies.

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