Can I get credit for courses taken at other schools?

Princeton doesn’t offer credit for courses taking at other institutions while you’re in high school, but after matriculation at Princeton, A.B. students can count up to three, B.S.E. students up to four, courses taken at other schools toward their course requirements.

Non-Princeton courses must be preapproved by your residential college dean or director of studies and a representative of the relevant Princeton department. Such courses can be used to remove a course deficiency, “banked” to offset future deficiencies, or used for for partial fulfillment of certain distribution areas. A summer course taken elsewhere must be offered by a four-year institution, must meet for a minimum of four weeks and 30 hours or more; a two-term course must meet for a minimum of eight weeks and 60 hours, be a course that a department at Princeton could offer, and be completed with a grade of C or better. There are quite a few restrictions and requirements, though, so it’s important to talk with your Director of Studies about your plans first!