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Hi Class of 2020! It's time for you to introduce yourself to your academic adviser! Please complete the appropriate AB or BSE program form on the Matriculation Online website. It is useful for your adviser to know about your academic preparation and aspirations. The form also asks you to list some courses you may... Read More

2016 Timeline

Jul 30

  • Deadline for submission of Student-Athlete Health Requirements (required for recruited varsity athletes and club rugby athletes)

Aug 7

  • Deadline for enrollment in optional vision and dental insurance plans

Aug 15

  • Deadline for submission of AB/BSE Program forms

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Learning at Princeton

An Introduction to the Princeton Curriculum

Welcome to Princeton and to the exciting intellectual possibilities that await you. With 36 concentrations (or majors), courses offered in nearly 100 subjects, and numerous ways to compliment your studies through interdepartmental certificates, international study, and special academic programs, navigating Princeton’s academic offerings can seem a little daunting at first. You may be asking yourself “What courses am I required to take? How do I know which classes to choose? With so many possibilities, how do I find the right one for me?” Fortunately the Princeton curriculum is designed to... Continue reading...

Living at Princeton

LEAP into Service

Welcome to Princeton! As you start your path to Princeton, we encourage you to make service a part of your Princeton experience! The Pace Center for Civic Engagement helps Princeton students learn how to do service well and have a positive impact in the community. Through sustained volunteering, community immersion, student advocacy and activism, summer internships and post-graduate fellowships,... Continue reading...

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