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Freshman seminar applications are due on Wednesday, July 23. Don’t forget to consult the timeline to make sure you are on track with all you need to do before you arrive on campus!  

2014 Timeline

Aug 9

  • Deadline for enrollment in optional vision, dental, and dependent health insurance plan

Aug 15

  • Deadline for submission of AB/BSE Program sheets

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Learning at Princeton

July 28, 2014

Getting advice when you need it

Everybody needs advice sometime during college, whether about academics (does it make sense to start two new languages during the same semester?), campus life (does it make sense to join 6 or 7 organizations in freshman fall?), or something in between. By the way, the answer to both of those questions is: no! In our “advising community” model, you will find several kinds of advisers—faculty, peer, and professional staff— ready to help out with everything from planning your courses to managing the inevitable periods of stress.  Your residential college dean and director of studies will oversee... Continue reading...

Living at Princeton

July 28, 2014

Becoming Bi-Cultural: Advice from a Veteran International Student

As a freshman coming to Princeton from the far-off isle of Brunei Darussalam, the first relationships I forged with this beautiful campus were with fellow internationals at International Orientation. At International Orientation I felt like one of many foreigners all coming together to experience a new place. It made me feel more at home and less alone. However from then on, it became slightly... Continue reading...

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