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Hi Class! It's time for you to introduce yourself to your academic adviser! Please complete the appropriate AB or BSE program form on the matriculation online website. It is useful for your adviser to know about your academic preparation and aspirations. The form also asks you to list some courses you may be... Read More

2015 Timeline

Jul 30

  • Deadline for submission of athlete's health history and sickle cell testing (required for intercollegiate and club rugby athletes)

Jul 31

  • FRS online application closes at 5:00 pm ET

Aug 7

  • Deadline for enrollment in optional vision, dental, and dependent health insurance plan

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Learning at Princeton

July 24, 2015

So, when & how do I choose my courses?

Don't worry, you have time before you need to decide on your fall courses. Freshmen enroll in courses on September 15th (Tu) and classes begin on September 16th (Wed). We will provide you with plenty of information and advice to help you make informed decisions before then. Meanwhile, have fun browsing through Princeton's online catalogue of Course Offerings to get a better sense of the incredible range of courses and fields of academic pursuit available to you during your four years of undergraduate study. Jot down the courses you're most interested in and keep a running list. During your... Continue reading...

Living at Princeton

July 24, 2015

Finding your path with Career Services

Your first few weeks at Princeton can be very overwhelming: everything is new and exciting and there are so many acronyms to remember! While you are signing up for a million listservs and taking the least direct route to your classes as you learn your way around campus, remember that there are so many people and programs at Princeton to help you. One of the best resources for freshmen to find... Continue reading...

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