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A good number of you still have not taken a language placement test The test site closes on August 21 at 2 p.m. ET. If you are an AB student who wishes to continue studying at Princeton a language you studied in high school, you must take the test, unless you have placed out of introductory language study by virtue of advanced... Read More

2014 Timeline

Aug 27

  • Beginning of International orientation program

Aug 29

  • Alcohol Edu Part I closes
  • Sexual Misconduct Prevention Progam

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Learning at Princeton

August 18, 2014

Thinking about course selection

FACULTY ADVISER PERSPECTIVES I gauge my advising success by the number of students who leave their appointments with me enrolled in a course that had not even crossed their minds beforehand. Princeton has so many amazing courses. And they fall in such a broad array of fields and disciplines, many of which are well outside the realm of the standard high school fare. I expect freshmen will want to take three courses in areas that broadly prepare them for further study in the direction they expect to head or that help them to sort out their preferences among a couple of possible directions. But... Continue reading...

Living at Princeton

August 18, 2014

Daily Life at Princeton: Choose Your Own Adventure

Welcome to Princeton! By now, you’ve probably been able to figure out that Princeton is a pretty special place. During this hectic time, as you plan to pack your bags, buy all forms of Princeton gear, and say goodbye to your friends and families at home, it may seem that you don’t have much time to simply take a breath and relax. Do that right now. I’ll wait… Done? Good. Let me remind you that... Continue reading...

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