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Hello Tigers 2019! Your Princeton netID was sent to your home email address. As soon as you activate it, you will have access to the password-protected sections on this website, most importantly matriculation on-line, which contains all of the forms we... Read More

2015 Timeline

May 29

  • Information about paying the Princeton bill mailed to parents

Jun 11

  • Bridge Year Program email notification

Jun 15

  • Deadline for submission of Disability & other special needs form

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Learning at Princeton

May 22, 2015

What can my AP do for me? AP Credits and Placement Issues

Perhaps you took some Advanced Placement (AP) tests in high school; or perhaps you pursued an International Baccalaureate (IB) program or sat for British A-level exams. Then you may well be coming to Princeton with some AP credits. How will that affect your life at Princeton? Here, to begin with, is a quick overview of how we take AP into account at Princeton, and how your AP credits can and cannot make a difference for you. AP can be used for the following purposes: To fulfill the foreign language requirement; To place you into a higher-level course; (If you are in the B.S.E. program) to... Continue reading...

Living at Princeton

May 22, 2015

Public Safety: Get to Know your Community Caretakers

The Department of Public Safety (DPS). You may be curious about what we do, who we are and the reason we are important to you once you arrive on campus. While I want to tell you about our dedicated professional staff of University police officers, security officers, dispatchers and fire officials you can read all about us on our website. Even though we have a very safe campus, it’s important for... Continue reading...

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