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Hi Class of 2019! Don't forget – if you have to take an online language placement test, do it very soon! The tests close on Wednesday, August 26, at 2:00 pm ET.

2015 Timeline

Sep 2

  • Beginning of International orientation program

Sep 4

  • Alcohol Edu Part I closes
  • "Not Anymore!" Progam (closes)

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Learning at Princeton

August 28, 2015

How to stay out of trouble: Academic Integrity

Nobody comes to Princeton with the intention to cheat or to plagiarize. And yet, every year, some students will end up before the Honor Committee or the Committee on Discipline because of allegations that they violated the academic integrity policies of this institution. Some face charges because they panicked and turned in work that was not truly their own. Others were ignorant of the University’s rules about citation and acknowledgement. Still others may have collaborated with classmates in ways that were not acceptable. As students at one of the most esteemed institutions of higher... Continue reading...

Living at Princeton

August 28, 2015

USG Welcome Class of 2019!

Dear Class of 2019, In a few months, you will all begin a journey of a lifetime, one in which you will discover your passions, explore unchartered territories, forge lifelong friendships and, most importantly, grow and transform as an individual, all within an orange bubble you will come to call ‘home.’ As a rising senior with only one year left, I envy you! We upperclassmen and alums all agree:... Continue reading...

Students hanging out behind Bloomberg Hall; Photo: Princeton University, Office of Communications

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