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Dear Class of 2019, Welcome from your new Dean of the College, Jill Dolan! The freshman seminar course descriptions are available and the online application is now live. The application deadline is July 31 at 5:00 p.m. ET.    

2015 Timeline

Jul 10

  • Outdoor Action acceptance emails sent out
  • Community Action acceptance emails sent out

Jul 15

  • Announcement of College and Housing assignments (mid-July)

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Learning at Princeton

July 3, 2015

Top Ten Reasons to Take a Freshman Seminar

If there’s one course everyone should take in freshman year at Princeton, it’s a Freshman Seminar. Here are my Top Ten Reasons to take one: Explore a topic in depth, and test the intellectual waters (or try something new in a supportive environment… Motorcycle Design, anyone? or Ethics in Finance? or Drug Discovery: From Snake Venoms to Medicines? Enjoy the small class size, limited to 15 students Benefit from regular close contact with a professor who enjoys working with freshmen Develop a relationship with a renowned expert in the field Spend time with other freshmen who are all—like you—... Continue reading...

Living at Princeton

July 3, 2015

International Students - Tips for Adjusting

International students, regardless of where they are from, will go through some period of cultural adjustment when they land in the US. This is due to cultural differences – those deep values and beliefs that impact what we view as natural, right or wrong, good or bad – that can cause havoc with our sense of well-being when we are plunged into a new culture. Students who adjust more quickly are... Continue reading...

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